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Global Pelicana

Pelicana’s Global Objectives

Korean Wave that began in Asia and spread to the rest of the world is being recognized as a culture, rather than a passing fad. Korean style and food are taking the world by storm today.
Starting with China, Pelicana is advancing in to markets in Malaysia, Mongolia, and New York City. Pelicana that created the first Korean Seasoned Fried Chicken is knocking on the door to the global market.

  • By 2015

    We will open 200 overseas
    locations to lay the foundations
    to become a global company.

  • By 2020

    “World-Best Franchise Company”
    We will operate more than 1,000 locations,
    while keeping the principles of customer-first,
    quality management, and Right-Way-
    Management. By this time, we will
    become a global brand adored
    around the world.

Global Pelicana’s Core Values

Global Pelicana’s Core Values Table
01 Provide Customer oriented Service Always provide customer-oriented service.
02 Create the new value Create new values previously unseen.
03 Create the New culture Become a world-class franchise company creating new cultures.

We intend to continue our 34 years of history and tradition, based on the trust of the customer and franchise branches, in the global market.
Internally, we will focus on enhancing our customer service mind, based on high-quality menu, and externally we will create new corporate values through our know-how and insights for the future.
All of this is to allow Pelicana, Korea’s leading chicken brand, to create a totally new culture.