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Greetings from CEO

Yang Hee-Kweon, President, Pelicana

We promise to grow by building good policies and nurturing good talents.

With the beginning of 2015, Year of the Blue Sheep has also dawned. I hope for many blessings in all our families in this hopeful New Year.

I believe that Pelicana saw an unwavering love from our customers last year. All Koreans were shocked and depressed by the sinking of the ferry Sewol, and the avian influenza breakout, which seems to have become a yearly event, has directly affected related industries.

Despite such challenges, Pelicana’s sales continued to grow last year, along with a series of active sales activities in overseas markets including China with 1.3 billion potential customers, the United States where the franchise business model began, and Malaysia serving as the hub of Southeast Asia. With this, Pelicana gained another opportunity to leap into the future with much gusto.

We were able to achieve such good results thanks to our customers, who continued to visit Pelicana locations around the world. Of course, we cannot fail to recognize contributions made by the owner-operators of our franchise branches who actively marketed and sold the Pelicana brand and products.

Sima Qian, an ancient Chinese historian, said “stability and crisis are dependent on building good policies, while continued existence and extinction are dependent on hiring good people.” In this, he meant to say that policies and talents directly influence the rise and the fall of a country.

The franchise chicken industry is well into the era of ceaseless competitions, and we can very easily see signs bearing the words “fried chicken” around us. We at Pelicana headquarters will make our best efforts to build good policies for the benefit of not only our interests, but also those of the customer, branches, and the Pelicana headquarters. In this, every party involved will partake in the joy of growth.

We will also step up our game in overseas business, to put Pelicana at the center of the Korean Wave sweeping the world. Pelicana will stay true to its principles while retaining insights looking into the future and nurturing the right talents, so that our brand can be seen in every corner of the world.

I have no doubt that 2015 will be a year in which all employees at Pelicana will come together to build and renew our enterprise. I hereby show my resolve to develop Pelicana even further gathering wisdom along the way. Again, I thank all those who love Pelicana. I wish for blessings and peace in your homes.

Thank you.