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Pelicana is Korea’s Leading Chicken Brand

Pelicana’s face holds the proud tradition of Korea’s leading chicken brand that made its best efforts for you, the customer.

CI (Coporate Identity)

Pelicana’s CI holds the company’s basic spirits and its care for the customer.

Pelicana CI represents “a brand for the customer as Korea’s leading chicken brand.”

The logo implies a quick and precise delivery.

The symbol within the logo reflects Pelicana’s identity as a chicken brand, while showing its leading status in the industry.

Color System

Main Color

  • Pelicana BK

    Pelicana BK

  • Pelicana BK

    Pelicana Red

Black is the one of the most common colors used in everyday life.

Red is the color that catches the eye the most easily.
The combination of the colors show that Pelicana is the most representative chicken franchise brand among many others competing in the popularized chicken market.


Application Color

  • Pelicana Green

    Pelicana Green

  • Pelicana Warrn Green

    Pelicana Warrn Green

Emblem Download

Pelicana Chicken

Sign Board

Pelicana Chicken