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Company introduction

Pelicana’s Corporate Vision

A trusted food service company creating a healthy food culture

Pelicana is Korea’s leading fried chicken brand that created Korean Seasoned Fried Chicken. Based on this experience, Pelicana is making its best efforts to create a new and healthy food culture.
By conducting thorough sanitary control and strict quality management, we will develop into a company that is trusted by the customer and a company that trusts its franchise branch owners.

Pelicana’s Three-Way Growth Strategy

  1. 01. Develop Creative Menu Items

  2. 02. Expand Support from
    Franchise Headquarters

  3. 03. Strengthen Strategic Marketing

Pelicana’s Management Guidance

  • Value
    Value Management through
    Good Products and Service
    We will prioritize value management,
    in which we provide good products and service
    that will increase our added value.
  • Responsible
    Responsible Management
    by Keeping Promises to the Customer
    We will prioritize responsible management,
    in which we always keep our promises
    to the customer.
  • Open
    Open Management
    that Increases Transparency
    We will prioritize open management in order
    to maximize profits and increase transparency
    at the same time.
  • Speed
    Speed Management for Staying
    Ahead of the Change
    We will prioritize Speed Management,
    in which we put importance to agility, consider time as
    an important competitive factor that allows us to stay ahead of the change.

Pelicana Mottos

  • honesty

    When true individual minds spread
    to the group, trust and faith flowers,
    creating a beautiful society we
    build together.

  • harmony

    Rather than staying closed from others,
    we will help and love each other to
    build a warm society of “us,”
    not just of “individuals.”

  • the best

    Our efforts to keep customers happy,
    while being polite and providing
    the best service will contribute to the
    development of the society.

Pelicana’s Management Philosophy

  1. One. Management for customer satisfaction
  2. Two. Management in the right way, while adapting to the current situations
  3. Three. Management to create new values

Talents that Pelicana Wants

  1. Professionals

    People who continue to develop and grow themselves,
    and try their best to become the best in the field of franchise business

  2. Creators

    People who can solve problems facing individuals
    and organizations with insightful and creative ideas

  3. Collaborators

    People who always keep an open mind, respect their colleagues,
    and create new energies in order to bring profit to the company